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Learn how to serve others through a trusted framework and proven sales process that will help you overcome your fears, close the sale, and scale your business to six figures and beyond!

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  • Overcome Fears
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The Shift Event

Are you ready to make more money? The sales process is easier than you think. And you have exactly what it takes to be great at it.

The Shift Event LIVE will address every single foundational skill that will get you to your first six figures. It will make you better at selling, boost your confidence, and increase the level at which you are serving people – all while making more money!

Your mindset around sales will SHIFT completely.

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The True Meaning Of Successful Sales

Serving anyone lovingly, effectively, and successfully!

Sales are…

just the result of serving others with impact. Making money is created by what you do and don’t do. By how many offers you make, how many people you meet, and how much VALUE you bring to those you sell to.

Do you…
  • Struggle to get leads?
  • Not yet have a proven sales process?
  • Find it difficult to invite someone into a sales conversation?
  • Find that your conversations are not converting?
  • Ask less than ten people per week to work with you?
Don’t worry. You are not alone.

Learn to love sales through the lens and perception of serving others and the results you help them create.

Cheryl will help you overcome your fears by offering sales strategies and tips that teach you how to have sales conversations that build relationships, focus on helping the client, and CONVERT!

Book Your 30-Minute Shift Your Sales Session

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Cheryl’s Services

Discover how to amplify and accelerate your profits, scaling your business to six figures and beyond! Cheryl will work with you to address every single foundational skill that will make you better at selling, boost your confidence, and increase the level at which you’re serving people - all while making more money!

From closing the sale to increasing your revenue growth and cash flow, you will walk away with a business on track to six figures.

A one-on-one intensive to jumpstart your business and take immediate action.

Cheryl has the ability to capture the room’s attention and provide immense value through her bold, energetic personality, vast knowledge, and years of experience.

Cheryl’s Process

30-minute Shift Your Sales Session.

Identify what needs to shift.

Provide tips, solutions, and direction.

Make a decision on the next steps.

Master sales and business skills that will drive your growth and revenue over and over again.

Book Your 30-Minute Shift Your Sales Session

  • Cheryl Burget Testimonials
    Cheryl is an expert at the art and science of sales. Cheryl will help you fill your pipeline, close more deals, and converts more sales conversations. Being a marketing person, this didn’t come naturally to me — now, thanks to Cheryl, I have a solid foundation to run the sales aspect of my business successfully.”
    Becca Cooper
    Founder & Brand Strategist, ShuBu Creative
  • Cheryl Burget Testimonials
    Launching my business 18 months earlier, I attended a networking event where Cheryl was the guest speaker. Her energy and knowledge left an impression on me, and I suggested that she and I connect. Just a few days later, I received a call from Cheryl. That was the day that started my amazing journey of growth, both personally and professionally. Since working with Cheryl, my business has tripled in revenue.”
    Benita S. Samuels
    CEO & Visibility Expert, Visibility Solutions Group
  • Cheryl Burget Testimonials
    Cheryl helped me to create strategic consistency and great habits in building my business. Tracking the activity and revenue more closely helped get me to my goals. Our daily morning calls set the tone for the day. My monthly revenue has increased 40% and has since crossed the six-figure mark!”
    Misha Schryer
    President, Headway Financial Solutions
  • Cheryl Burget Testimonials
    I went from starting over to making over six figures within 12 months after working with Cheryl! Within 24 months, I was on my way to have the best year I’d ever had with over $300,000 AND scaled to the top 20 in my entire company, earning a spot in The Platinum Club!”
    Cindy Holst
    Branch Manager/Loan Officer, Megastar Financial
  • "Masterful. Relevant. Helpful. These words best describe my experience of Cheryl Burget as a speaker. She wowed my group at a program in Vietnam.  She is a real pro."
    Jana Stanfield
  • "I've tapped into a part of me I didn't know existed - and I love it.  Thank you for introducing me to my Inner Sales Genius.  She's wonderful.  I'm so grateful to and for you!!!"
    Dr. Renée Ostertag, DPT, MPT

Meet Cheryl

Cheryl BurgetCheryl Burget is the Chief Empowerment Officer and Founder of Cheryl Burget, Find Your Sales Genius. She is a wildly fun yet powerful and professional sales expert who helps heart-centered, service-based entrepreneurs and small business owners to increase their sales through authenticity, integrity, and service.

Cheryl empowers others to find their personal and professional passions, and in doing so, has become a highly sought-after motivational speaker and sales coach. She takes a personalized approach to help each client uncover their purpose and leverage their hidden talents.

Cheryl Burget is widely known for her intuitive manner, as she teaches people to become self-sufficient and understand how to make money in their business over and over again. Cheryl helps people like you live their dreams, create financial freedom, and enjoy what they do by giving them real, tangible actions and processes.

“You must be able to come from a place of service, truly connect, and get out of your own way.”

She has a genuine desire to teach life-changing skills that create transformational shifts and lasting success.

By teaching others how to sell with serving as their number one focus, I hope to create a world where people understand that sales are the foundation of all economic growth, a must-have, and doesn’t have to be sleazy or manipulative. A world where people can take 100% of the responsibility for their success or failure and end blaming.”